I love having really bad gas at work. Always fun.

for anyone who has been diagnosed with major depressive disorder for a year or longer: have you continued with anti-depressants or did you discontinue your medication (after talking to your doctor) if there was no relapse?

lol maybe i’ll walk my fat ass down to dairy queen and get a blizzard since i have literally nothing else to do.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA I should’ve learned by now that I shouldn’t ask people “what are your plans for tonight?” Because I get ignored or find out that I wasn’t invited to things. HAPPY FUCKING 4TH OF JULY YALL

i can’t wait for the day when okcupid lets you send picture messages. not because i’m going to get tons of dick pics, which i’m sure i will, but because i can respond to dumbass messages with one of these gifs:



I think I might have broken my finger reblogging this. 



well, i’ve determined that i am literally not going to be able to afford new york unless i somehow find a job that pays $45K/yr, which i haven’t seen/been qualified for. so i’m going to just stay in nashville and see if i can get a legit job or maybe try out some different positions and see if i can figure out what i want to do.




Backstory: I went on one (1) date with this creep in the spring of 2013. He’d messaged me a few times and I was bored that week, so I met up with him for drinks and dinner. It was a bad date, we didn’t have any chemistry, and I texted him to tell him I’d had a nice time, but I didn’t want a second date.

Since then, for well over a year, he’s been sending me threatening text messages, tweeting degrading and creepy things about me, and continuing to message me on OkCupid. He’s tweeted about slitting my new boyfriend’s throat, and texted me calling me “good girl.” After one particularly scary message, I filed a report with my neighborhood police precinct about this guy, so there’s a precedent in case he ever shows up at my apartment.

DO NOT MEET UP WITH HIM. DO NOT MESSAGE HIM BACK. His real name is Ian Smith. His twitter name is @historyinrust; avoid him at all costs. He’s scary, and he’s a predator. KEEP YOURSELF SAFE, LADIES!

If you or someone you care about lives in Washington DC, please reblog this. I want every woman who might be at risk for encountering this guy to know.

Even if you don’t know a single soul that lives there, fucking Reblog this shit

i decided to put my job hunt on hold. i’m so stressed out and it’s giving me anxiety and making me feel horrible and exhausted all the time. plus when i switch departments here at my temp job, instead of aiming for 50 hours/week, i’ll be working 50-55 which is going to be even more exhausting. i just need to stop and take a break. i’ve applied to plenty of jobs already so i’ll wait and see if something happens with one of those but otherwise i’m just going to stay stagnant until my temp time ends, which should theoretically be the end of october. i’m fine with standing still and being comfortable where i am. maybe i’m not 100% happy, but i don’t actually think that’s possible.

Good morning. Remember that time where nearly no one in my life has ever liked me for more than like a year at a time because I’m annoying piece of shit?